Our vehicle

The vehicle is the latest model 8-seat Ford Tourneo Custom.

With a luxurious and spacious air-conditioned smoke-free cabin, it offers TV, video and a huge luggage space.

It is equipped with a hydraulic ramp (which hides under the rear bumper of the car) for wheelchair access and special anchor points to stabilize the wheelchair inside the vehicle. Can carry two wheelchairs.

Tinted glass and shades on the windows of the second and third tier of seats provide added privacy.



  • 9 seats (8 passengers + driver)
  • Or 8 seats (6 passengers + 1 wheelchair + driver)
  • Or 7 seats (4 passengers + 2 wheelchair + driver)
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Leather covered seats
  • Video and TV
  • Tinted glass and shades on rear windows
  • Additional step on the side sliding doors
  • Flexible back seats
  • Huge luggage space
  • Hydraulic ramp for wheelchair access (electric and hand operated)

  • Wheelchairs and walking aids
  • Cooling box for your medication
  • Child safety seat